Memory & Imagination Online Course

Memory & Imagination Online Course

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The Memory & Imagination online course is a 4 week interactive workshop with Tyler Tolman where you will learn to "develop your mental muscle" 


  • 8 interactive and fun calls (2 per week)
  • Personalised physical deck of cards (shipped to you)
  • 1 Physical poster shipped to you
  • Memorise deck of cards in order.
  • Diet/lifestyle tips to improve memory function.
  • Numeric Code - Ancient Code of learning
  • Develop the photographic part of the Brain
  • Worksheets - fun an easy worksheets 
  • Pop-up Facebook group - Where we can play together
Starting February 2021
Calls will be Tuesday's and Thursday's at 6.30pm (Bali/Perth Time - AWST GMT+8) 


This was so much fun I forgot I was learning! I am really impressed at how with a simple few tricks and practice I’m able recall and retain information, a skill I would previously have said I do not have.

Thanks TT & Michele! 

Tamara Ihnen

After the first call I was able to use my little party trick of remembering a list of 10 things. I had no idea that I could in just a couple of weeks extend that to 100 and a deck of cards. Lets just say, i'm now blowing the minds of my friends and family with my new found abilities!

Jenita Comer

Absolutely brilliant course! I was amazed at myself and blown away at learning the process of how memorize a deck of cards.

Kylie Vincent

Tyler has an incredible passion for sharing knowledge and improving the well being of all of his reach. Makes it fun and systematic

Stefan Testi
Tyler Tolman

Tyler Tolman is a world-renowned fasting expert, speaker, entrepreneur, nutritionist and event facilitator. He’s one of the world’s leading authorities on fasting, natural health and longevity. He studied plant based nutrition at Cornell University and Health Academy Australia.

Known for running world class clinical fasting retreats and taking on the most advanced cases of disease for over 10 years his knowledge of fasting and healing is on par with the greatest healers of his time. Tyler’s fierce desire to help others is the secret behind his compelling stage presence.

Sharing ancient practices of healing combined with modern science, Tyler’s knowledge is truly eye-opening.
Always guided by the principles of “Nature” and “first do no harm”, Tyler has made headlines around the world, by helping people to heal themselves from conditions deemed incurable by western medicine.

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