Egyptian Bar Set
Egyptian Bar Set
Egyptian Bar Set
Egyptian Bar Set

Egyptian Bar Set

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These bars are made to order and not available for purchase directly online. If you are interested, please email

The Egyptian Bars are an Ancient Tool used by the initiates and rulers of Ancient Egypt to build their Electro-Magnetic energy for healing and higher levels of consciousness. The Gold represents the Sun Energy which is the Electric energy.

Also includes educational videos of the rituals to regenerate our organs and live a much longer life.

Why wear our Jewellery?

Reason one

All of our Jewellery is personally designed by Tyler and his team, and each piece has a deeper meaning to it. Wearing the 'ankh' on your body activates your DNA and wearing the Eye of Horus protects you energetically from the evil eye. 

Reason two

Buying and wearing our Jewellery is your "Key to Entry" to our private group where Tyler shares the deeper wisdom behind the Ancient Egyptian Culture and the rituals we need to truly awaken &
"Know THY self"


The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol representing regeneration and eternal life.  It also represent the coming together of the Male & Female which can also be a process of regeneration with the right Knowledge and application.

It carries the essence of wisdom and insight of the highest level.  Whenever we see this symbol Life and Health were invoked and we are reminded to choose things that improve these qualities.

Join our private group

Your jewellery purchase is you "key to entry" to our private group where we share profound insights on the evolution process.